Goodbye, all!


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It’s time for this blog to say goodbye, but not this blogger!!!! Okay, so the thing is– I’m not ‘supposed’ to have a blog. So I’m going off the grid for a while.

At least off this blog’s grid.

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I love you all!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Goodbye ❤

Thoughts I’ve had Whilst I’ve Been Away



Hello Interwebs!!! Long time no write. Sorry. 😦 Anyway I have a list of things I have thought about and I’d like to share them with you because they have either A) made me excited B) made me happy or C) made me angry as a polar bear trying to get to it’s dinner but has no claws so it keeps slipping.


America Is Weird.

Like, really weird. Have you ever thought about how we’re always trying to be different just to be different? For example, I found many, many a word that we spell different. Just give me a sec to list as many as I can-

(The first word will be American)

Defense vs. Defence

License vs. Licence

Practice vs. Practise

Center vs. Centre

Liter vs. Litre

Meter vs. Metre

Theater vs. Theatre

And there are so many more that I haven’t even listed! Don’t get me started on grey vs. gray.


Another thing that has been brought to my attention: human brains.

Human Brains are definitely weird. 

Think about it. Basically all we are, all anybody is, is our brain. Not our fingers, not our legs, not even our eyes. Just our brains. Yeah, I know, “But the brain makes the fingers and things do stuff”. While that is true, I don’t think you get my point. It’s hard to explain, so I’ll just let you ponder that.



Have you ever even thought about thinking? I know it sounds odd but just think about it for a second. Why were humans designed differently that other animals? Why where we the ones given the brain power to create societies, or to have schools or jobs or things like that? What made us so special?? Also, friends. Everybody has seen/read this: We just pick other humans and do things with them. It kind of scares me–you never know what they’re capable of.

That’s just a couple of my thoughts, but, for now, they’re my thoughts, they’re my opinions (meaning please don’t get butthurt or feel offended at them it’s just what think), comment below! 😀

Friend’s Story


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So, my friend is writing a story. Tell me if this is interesting or not so I can tell her–It’s the first chapter. (I’ve changed some of the names by the way.)


            What started as a bad day turned into an even more terrible day in just a few seconds. This is the story of how I fell ever-so-hardly into a passionate love/hate relationship with my crush on the most appealing boy on the cross-country team.


Gym started easily enough. Jake and Lucas were gone, their father took them on some hunting vacation, and so it was mainly quiet. There was still Erin, which was great. Leaning against the wall in my bright pink athletic shorts and fitted white tee, I realized I was staring and looked down when he starting drifting toward me. Well, not exactly me, but his spot next to me. My friend Darcy appeared at my side. “He is just so…” “Magnificent.” I finished for her. I really did find him magnificent. He had blue eyes that sometimes changed from ‘sky’ to ‘community pool’. It may not sound pretty, but trust me when I tell you it definitely is. His blond hair, cropped short, rested against his forehead and the top of his neck. His skin was a light peach color, and there wasn’t a single freckle, blemish, or anything. At least, none that Darcy or I could see. “What is it with you and big words?” Darcy asked, laughing as she moved back to her spot in line. I was smiling to myself as Erin slid into his spot next to me and sent the most sparkling, dazzling smile I’ve ever seen my way. His braces only made it more perfect. “Hey Cherry.” He said, his voice flowing through the air. It was light for a guy, but just deep enough to set my heart aflutter. Most of the people in this school call me Cherry, and I don’t mind, but my name is Sarah. My hair is a deep dyed red that sparkles under the sunlight. “Hi.” I managed to squeak out before my face flushed red. His smile didn’t vacillate before he simply said, “What’s up?” To think that a single sentence could make a girl faint used to be insane to me. Used to. “Gym.” I looked at my feet and leaned there quietly, my shoes turned in on the end. I had experience flirting with guys, but for some reason unbeknownst to me I couldn’t flirt with Erin. “Cool. Me too.” He said, and looked away toward his friend. I sighed in relief and looked at Darcy. She shot me her best ‘I’m so jealous of you’ look. I chuckled quietly to myself. I was never this quiet. Only around Erin…


“Today, boys and girls, we are going to bike Sarah’ route!” My gym teacher boomed above all of the whispering voices of the fifteen-sixteen year olds that didn’t really care who’s route it was, as long as there were no inclines. I was smart enough to avoid them. “Sarah, would you like to come up to the projector and explain your route?” I stood up, using Darcy’s shoulder for balance. I’d just gotten over some weird migraine type thing, and sometimes I still got a little dizzy. “So, we come up this way and turn left…” I rambled on for about five minutes before all questions had been answered. After I’d explained my route, we went to the bikes and grabbed either our own bikes or bikes that the school provided. I biked to the front and started the route. After a few turns I was pretty comfortable and knew where I was going. I could hear my classmates behind me and signaled a left turn. I looked both ways, checked to make sure everybody was with the group, and moved to bike left. Suddenly I heard one of my classmates scream my name, but then everything went black.

A Letter You’ll Never Read


I know who you are, and many of my friends know who you are, but I’m sure you’ll never read this.


Hello, ——…

Just a few seconds ago you were sitting behind me. Just last block, you smiled at me. Yesterday, in gym I was late and you ended up looking at me… you were doing pull ups and I had just walked in. Has your heart ever sped up just because somebody’s blue as nothing real locked onto yours? I wouldn’t know, but maybe… Hopefully you have, because I’ve been told my eyes are that way too. When you locked your eyes on mine my heart skipped a beat… then you continued doing pull ups, not looking away. I tried to get myself under control, but I couldn’t. The day before, you’d been running an experiment. I surprised you with how flexible I was. That was the last time we talked, because I was trying to see if I could flex even more than I could have. My face strained, and my eyes closed because of it. I heard a pen start clicking……..slowly……then quicker and quicker. I opened my eyes, and saw you looking at me. I raised my eyebrow, because though I know how to flirt all of my knowledge disappears when your braces shine from within your smile. Your face turned from what I took to be confused to just plain and you moved, closing one of your eyes and ‘killing’ me with your pen. I giggled, and asked “Did you just kill me?” You replied with “Uh… yeah. I think so.” The way you said it… I don’t know if my heart could stand hearing you speak like that again. Other than that, there’s the occasional “How’s your day going” or “Hey.” I want there to be so much more. I don’t know what it is about you. Maybe It’s your blonde hair, or your blue eyes, or the fact that your smile is the most captivating thing I’ve ever seen. Your braces are adorable. Maybe it’s that you actually notice me. Maybe it’s because though you’re popular you’re extremely nice to me. Maybe it’s because you’re funny, or smart, or nice, or sweet… I don’t know what it is, or why I’m drawn to you, all I know is that I am. And I hate it. Because we will never happen. First of all, you have a girlfriend. I would never try to get in her way. Second of all, you’re popular. Yes, I know, I have many friends, but I’m not actually ‘popular,’ I’m just friendly. I’m the person that smiles back at whoever smiles in the hallway. I’m nice, not cool. You are the complete opposite of the kinds of guys I hang out with. But for some reason there are some moments during the day where you pop into my mind. The worst part is, those are the times when I’m feeling lonely. When I’m wanting somebody to cuddle with. Somebody to look at me and smile, even if I’m not looking back at them. I have that, yes, with a very, very special guy friend of mine, but when I feel that way he’s not around. You are always there when it happens. You make me imagine sweet things that turn sour when I realize I’m crazy for imagining them. For imagining you. Imagining that someday, you might take my hand in the hallway. Or someday, I might be able to run up to you smiling and hug you like I do my senior friend. That someday, you’ll be standing, talking to your friends, and I’ll be able to come up behind you and wrap my arms around you. Because of the hight difference I’d be able to rest my head against the middle of your back. Hear your heart beat, feel you breathe. Or someday, I might be feeling lonely and I could call you. You’d pick up and within minutes you’d open your door to me and we’d lay on the couch and watch movies all day. We’d have blankets and popcorn, I’d lay my feet on the couch and my head on your chest, or maybe you’d lay your head in my lap and your feet on the other end of the couch. But it will never happen. My world and your world will never mix. I guess that’s why this is a letter you’ll never read.




Or I guess, to you, Rapunzel.





*walks in, drops this off as a present, walks out*



A short story based on a daymare:  It was exactly 10:56 when the alarms went off to send the small-town school into lock-down. As the kids laughed and got into their hiding spots, a voice came over the intercom: “This is not a drill! This is not a drill!” Every ringing laugh stopped at that moment. Some of the students started crying, worrying about their lives and friends. Everybody tried to be silent as the lights were turned off and the doors were locked. Some kids had no place to hide, so they pressed themselves against the walls where they hoped the intruders wouldn’t see them. Suddenly a shot rang through the hallways. Trying as hard as they could, nobody screamed. A voice came over the intercom, this time different. It was scratchier, the voice of a man. He’d shot their secretary. “We will not hurt anybody else– on one condition. Give us the girl by the name of Christen Jacobs. You have ten minutes. If we don’t have her before then, another person dies. That is all.” Christen was a small, dark-haired, bright-eyed freshman. At the moment, she was in a sophomore class trying her best to stay quiet. Everybody in the room with her gasped as Christen whispered “…me?” She tried to get past them, but they wouldn’t let her go. They heard people going down the halls, kicking in doors and pulling girls out to see who they were. They were down to the last room in that hallway– the one Christen was in. They kicked down the door. They searched for a minute then one of them spotted her. He reached for her, pointing his gun at anybody who dared try to stop him. She cried out when he grabbed her arm, and tried to fight back. He was almost out the door when the unthinkable happened. Andrew Johnson –a sophomore she’d only talked to once- Elbowed the partner in the head. The partner yelled as he fell to the floor and Andrew grabbed his gun. “Let her go. Now.” He said sternly. The partner tried to trip him, but Andrew kicked him in the head. The partner didn’t move after that. The one holding Christen held her in front of him and put a gun to her head. “If you shoot, I shoot.” Andrew thought for a minute, unsure of himself. The man wasn’t too big, not much bigger than himself at 5’11. Christen watched, her blue eyes wide as the blonde, green-eyed boy risked his life for her. “No you won’t. She’s too important to you. If you were going to kill her you’d have done it already. Let her go, or I shoot!” He stated, starting at a whisper but ended up yelling the end. “Pffbt,” the man laughed. “You’re just a boy. You wouldn’t do anything.” Andrew paused for a second before shooting his partner in his foot. “Still think that?” he said, stepping out of the way of the blood that was dripping onto the linoleum. “Rory, get up. Take the gun.” he whispered to his friend. “Um, no dude.” Rory said hesitantly. “Get up!!” Andrew said sternly, making everybody in the room jump, except, of course, the man lying unconscious on the ground. Rory slowly got to his feet and shakily took the gun, pointing it at Christen’s captator. “Now,” Andrew said slowly. “Give the girl to me.” He reached out his hand, being careful to move slowly. “Andrew…” Christen whispered. “I’m scared.” Her face was tear stained as she held onto the arm that had found its way around her neck. Watching the tears fall from the frightened eyes struck a match inside of Andrew and he was set into action. In a swift move he slid from one side of the room to another and pushed the intruder’s gun up, kneeing him in the stomach. Christen took the chance she had to turn and knee the knelt-over figure beside her in the face, breaking his nose. She took his gun and shot him in the foot, like Andrew had with the other one. She kicked him in the face after he fell to the ground, knocking the consciousness out of him, as well as a couple teeth. Crying, she fell to her knees. Andrew got down beside her and wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her. He pulled her close and held her in his arms until the police came and took her from him. “No… No..! NO, please no I don’t trust you! Andrew!” Her voice faded away as they carried her to the police car. Andrew got up, stone faced. “Mrs? May I be excused? I feel a bit shaken.”



Fed up

I’m so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry for not posting lately. I’ve been getting extremely wrapped up in this site called ‘Pottermore.’ Turns out, I’m a Hufflepuff. 😀 


I am also sorry for all of the so’s. Anyway… if you still read my blog, would you comment? 😥 I’m so confused as to if anybody more than three of my friends look at it anymore. If you do read, why don’t you recommend me to somebody you think would maybe be interested in reading this? ALSO I still ask you not to tell anybody who I am.


Soon I’ll write again, possibly today, but I would like it if you commented…….


That’s my apology, that’s my fascination, that’s me BEGGING, comment below! 😀







But this time I’m not!

Yo, United Nerds of my people who might still look at my blog! How ya been?

My summer went kind of okay, actually.

I’m no longer grounded, my mother, friend and I went to the Adventureland of America in Iowa, my boyfriend and I broke up (Sadface) but I met a different guy who is amazingly nice and sweet for how much of a ‘popular’ he looks, I saw an old friend, and got a new pet.

That’s my summer.

How’s yours been?

For now, this is my post, my hello, my welcome back to the odd little piece of the internet that I’m living in, comment below! 😀

I’ll see you again


with mai boo

Last day of school.

I’ve failed myself.

I have to take a class again next year.

I’m a failure.

But besides that- SUMMER!!!!!!! 😀

I might have my worst summer yet, but at least it’s summer. And my mother is really forgiving. That means I’ll probably get to go to some parties, maybe go swimming at least once. I’ll probably get to hang out with one of my friends that I never get to see.


The thing I’m mainly upset about is I won’t be able to do the school play in the fall.



I won’t be able to post during the summer. Please, please come back next school year so that I might be able to share my thoughts and wonders with you.

That’s my failure, that’s my “sayonara, try tommora, nice to know ya,” Comment below! 😀

See you next fall. ❤

Today is the day


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Today is the day before the day which is the last day that I can have a day to work on my grade and save the day. *sigh* …


I’m going to be stuck here forever and never graduate because I have no drive because I find school incredibly irritating.

How about you?

I know a lot of people hate school but I hate it with a burning passion because there is never an opportunity for a creative outlet. It’s all numbers and words, never lines or swerves or colors. I want to do art!! Not Math!!

Okay besides that, I’m pretty happy. Excited for summer, you know?

that’s my feels, that’s my opinion, comment below! 😀




ALiCE Training!!!


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Okay we just got done with ALiCE training and I survived. I might not have, but I did pretty well because while the most of my class went toward the library (where they had just said the ‘shooter’ was), even though we were telling them to go left, I took off. They went right. BUT my guy friend and I went left, and some of the others did too. I sprinted, and ran through the cafeteria. After we had gotten out of the school and to our meeting point, we walked back to the school and had an assembly on what had went well. It had all went well, though I might have been shot at… the Policeman who was taking the roll as the shooter said that he had seen two kids sprinting away, but they would have been too fast for him to hit. I have no idea (*enter big electric sign saying “This Girl” above me*) who those kids might have been… hehe… ._.’

That’s my training, that’s my tale, comment below! 😀